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As a business owner, you might be looking to move your office or relocate your retail space to pursue a new growth strategy, increase your square footage, or find improved customer traffic. Though the result of relocating may be worthwhile, a move is disruptive and time-consuming. Additionally, if not properly handled, you may face damage to equipment and furniture or frustration with customer relationships.


To best manage your move and keep headaches to a minimum, it’s smart to hire moving professionals. In addition to moving your offices in an organized and fast manner, they provide assurance and peace of mind during your transition. Cheap Chicago Movers works to find you licensed, insured commercial moving services in the Chicago area. Our network of moving companies is ready to handle your move – from start to finish – so you can focus on the day-to-day details of running your business. Call us now or submit a form to request a free moving quote!

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Commercial Moving Services from Trusted Movers

Here are some office relocation services that you can find from moving professionals:


Local Moves

Just as the name suggests, local office moves relate to relocations within the Chicago metropolitan area. Though a move from Naperville to Evanston might feel like a longdistance move, it’s still considered local and can likely be handled in just a single day. Effective local movers should be able to provide you with comprehensive services that range from moving your office to a different floor in the building, to relocation of equipment, office furniture, and employees to a new space across town. Other services local office movers might offer you IT assistance, help designing a floor plan, and postmove cleaning and recycling. Be sure to ask about these add-on services when scheduling your move.


Long Distance Moves

Unlike local or short distance moves, long distance office relocations are more complicated since they involve movement of goods across state linesThese are also often referred to as interstate or cross-country moves, depending the distance that you intend to move. As long distance moves are more complex than local moves, it’s important to hire a reputable moving company to help you get the job done. Interstate movers are regulated by the FMCSA, a division of the US Department of Transportation. In addition to obtaining a license, moving companies must adhere to certain safety standards and carry insurance policies that protect your belongings. When you move with Cheap Chicago Movers, you’ll get connected with one or more licensed and insured moving companies who adhere to FMCSA’s regulations. We make it easy to compare rates on office moving services from the top movers.



Your office movers should have the capacity at their own secure warehouse to store your business equipment, furniture, and archives for the duration you deem necessary, whether that’s temporarily or long-term. Safe facilities offer your business assets protection from theft, damage, and dust. Not only can your office moving service pick-up your items for storage, but they can also deliver your items to your new location at your convenience.


Corporate Relocations

Moving employees requires total move management services, including shipment of employees’ household goods and vehicles. Work with a moving company that’s equipped to handle both your commercial relocation and your employees’ possessions makes life easier for the whole office.


Specialty Moves

Specialty moves are those which require specialized services, handling equipment, and expertise. For instance, relocating a medical facility will require trained experts, care, precision and confidentiality as the mover might handle sensitive medical records, specialized medical equipment, and labs. Find a qualified mover to assist with your specialized move, whether it involves moving sensitive documents or transporting bulky equipment.

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Advice for Tackling Your Business Relocation

To navigate your office move successfully, here are some tips to bear in mind:


1. Communicate the Move and Involve Everyone

It is essential that you establish a realistic timeline for your move. While a small office might be able to move in a matter of weeks or months, a larger business or corporation might anticipate relocating a year or two in advance. After you’ve nailed down a timeline, be sure to communicate the schedule to your workers. To ensure that every employee is prepared for the movesend them regular reminders about the impending relocation.


You can even set up a calendar reminder that communicates your expectations, progress, and deadlines to meet before the big day. Timely communication and preparation helps ensures a smoother transition from your current office to the next one.


2. Ensure That Employees Have Adequate Time to Pack and Unpack

Even if your moving company oversees packing up things like the cubicles, equipment, and other office furniture, your employees will likely want to pack the personal belongings at their own desks. The day before the move, be sure to set aside time for your employees to load up their stuff. You could even make things fun and turn it into a packing happy hour to get everyone excited. At the new location, be sure to give employees a grace period to get everything unloaded and organized as they settled into the new space.


3. Label Everything

Regardless of the distance of the relocation, it is paramount that you label everything during the packing process. Provide labels to employees that correlate with locations or cube numbers at the new office, so the movers know where to place everything.


There are various techniques of labeling that you can use. For example, you can use color codes to indicate contents or departments where boxes belong. You can use red for computer equipment and blue for the accounting departmentThese schemes that will assist in accelerating the unpacking process.


4. Get Rid of Junk

As in your own home, your office may be filled with clutter that’s no longer used (think outdated files, broken staplers, and branded swag). You should toss the trash and shred sensitive documents to avoid boxing up these unnecessary items.


5. Hire Commercial Movers

This might seem obvious. However, there are a plenty of movers out there who are not professional at all. The primary benefit of hiring commercial movers is that they possess the expertise, equipment, and faculties to facilitate your office relocation. Search for a mover through Cheap Chicago Movers, and you can be sure you’re working with a licensed, insured professional that has what it takes to carry out your move!

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