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How to Make Moving Across the Country Easier on Your Pets

When moving long distance, it’s essential to make sure all members of your household are ready for the relocation, including your pets. Here are some moving tips from cross-country moving companies to make this transition easier on everyone:

Prepare Your Pup for the Crate

To prepare an animal for a cross-country move, the best thing to do is acclimate the pet for the upcoming transition, ensuring the pet is comfortable. If the dog spends time in a crate, begin by placing treats in the crate. Progress to leaving the pet in the crate for short stents while you are outside the crate. This preparation helps avoid separation anxiety and ensures a more comfortable move.

Consider a Pet Transport Service

If you don’t feel comfortable transporting your pet yourself, you can hire a pet moving service. These companies take excellent care of pets as they travel, at a minimal fee that typically ranges from $150 to $300 per pet. The type, size of the animal, and the number of pets impact the cost. A more direct means of transport is to embark on a road trip.

Road Trip with Your Dog

Alternatively, take your pet with you as your travel across the country. Having your pet ride along means you get to keep each other company. Along the way, you make fun stops that allow the pet to get out and walk. Take along some of the pet’s toys as a diversion as you drive.

You and your pet get through the trip with little stress. Load the pets in the vehicle last. They are also the first cargo to unload. Helpful tips include:

  • Spread packing over several days to allow the pet to adjust casually. 
  • Keep the pet’s routine as normal as you can. 
  • Talk to your pet about the move, petting it while you do so. 
  • Update the address, phone number, and name on collar tags. 
  • Pack plenty of drinking water and snacks. 
  • Make frequent stops to allow pets to potty and run.
  • Stay with the pet and supervise the exploration of the new home.

Visit the Vet

Visit your veterinarian to make sure microchips are in place and vaccinations are up-to-date. Underlying issues surface when transporting a dog. For example, harboring parasites take advantage of the pet’s weakened immune system compromised by stress. Your vet can also provide an interstate health certificate needed for transporting your dog across state lines. Stock up on medications the dog takes and have a prescription on hand if a quick refill is necessary.

Other Things to Consider

If the pet is very on edge, discuss medication for anti-anxiety with your veterinarian. Sedatives sometimes have an effect that is the opposite of the intention. Pets become excited or anxious, or the meds have no effect at all. Give the dog a pre-trip dose to be sure. Keep breakfast light on the day of the move to prevent an upset stomach. Having nourishment that the dog typically eats avoids tummy trouble caused by a switch in food.

Be sure the leash you use is sturdy. An updated collar is an inexpensive way to recover a lost pet. If you need one, ID tags are available from pet stores for a few dollars. When you arrive, keep the pets in a safe, calm room to let them adjust to the new environment.

By following these tips, you and your pet will have a happier move!

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