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Most people have organized their possessions to fit their lifestyle so perfectly that they can hardly imagine the task of moving. It is almost like there is this invisible concrete weight or Jupiter level of gravity holding everything in place. In fact, the task of packing everything for a relocation might feel so weighty and insurmountable, that you procrastinate for weeks or leading up to the move.


If you find yourself short on time or energy to pack your belongings, then you might need to enlist the services of a professional moving company. Movers offer professional packing services to expedite the moving process, offering additional security for your belongings and leaving you with less to worry about. Book your moving and packing services with a mover from Cheap Chicago Movers today. We’ve scoured the city to find licensed, insured moving services at the lowest rates. Compare movers and score big savings on your upcoming move! Request a free quote now.

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Packing and Unpacking During Your Move

A lot can go wrong with a bad packing job. Your boxes might tear. Fragile antiques could shatter. Liquids can spill. It is nice to think that you have all the time in the world to wrap everything in five layers of bubble wrap and neatly label your boxes according to room and contentsHowever, you’ll likely find yourself pressed for time to get your things packed and everything else checked off your list prior to the move. The tedious and laborious task of packing is solved affordably by a professional mover in the Chicago area, so why not opt for the professional treatment? Cheap Chicago Movers has you covered in the Windy City.


The reality of moving is that you always have large items of furniture that you simply can’t manage on your own. You may have some friends or family who are willing to lend a hand. Nevertheless, when they break something or put holes in your walls, you will be kicking yourself later. Don’t put ordinary people through the extraordinary task of moving. Hire a mover to pack, deliver your possessions, and unpack in a snap.


Our network of moving companies offers the following packing solutions:


  • Full Packing: A full packing service is exactly what you need when you have a lot to move. Movers come in and professionally pack your place from top to bottom, so you can roll right out.  
  • Partial Packing: A partial packing service gives you the flexibility to take care of the light work. Your mover lets you dictate what exactly you need packed, whether that’s a single piece of furniture or your entire kitchen. You save yourself the liability of those items getting damaged and relax while the moving crew does the tedious labor.  
  • Packing or Crating Arts/Antiques/Collectibles: Packing or crating of valuable art, antiques, and collectibles is a service that is worth its weight in gold. You relieve yourself of the stress of making those harebrained mistakes that amateurs make when packing valuables.  
  • Furniture Disassembly/Reassembly: Our Furniture Disassembly/Reassembly service will save your walls and your back. When you break down the furniture into its compact derivatives, you won’t get those table legs stuck in the doorframe.  
  • Packing for Storage: Our movers can also help you pack items for storage. They’ll consider the long-term effects of keeping the materials in storage and whether the packaging needs to be waterproof, airtight, or industrial strength.
  • Unpacking: Couple an unpacking service with a professional packing service for the best results. This way we can have your boxes organized and labeled for easy reorganization in your new abode.

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Keep These Professional Packing Tips & Tricks in Mind

As you pack, be sure to keep these helpful tips in mind:


Buy Boxes in a Range of Sizes

The biggest mistake amateur packers make is buying several large boxes to pack all their possessionsThis rookie mistake makes sense. After all, it may seem efficient to load up as much as possible in each box, to save yourself time and money on packing supplies. However, the problem is that once you load these up with books or other weighty objects, they may be too heavy to lift, or the bottom may fall out if the tape doesn’t hold. To protect your back and prevent damage to your things, always put heavy items in small boxes and reserve the larger boxes for linens, clothing, and pillows.


Fill in the Gaps

You also want to balance your boxes as much as you can. Do not allow for any loose spaces to shift and unbalance the load. Pack the heavier items on the bottom to keep a pendulum effect. You don’t want large items shifting and falling into corners where they will knock off the balance. By marking the heavier boxes with a symbol, you will know to load them first and to place them near the front of the moving truck.


Always Label!

If you keep your boxes organized based on rooms and living spaces, you will avoid a lot of confusion. Label the outside of the box with the contents and a description of where it belongs in your new residence. If you keep a numbered list of boxes with a list of each one’s contents, you can prevent the old misplaced box phenomenon that sends your boxes to the Bermuda Triangle.


Be Cautious When Packing Art

When you are shipping priceless art or your personal favorites, you need to ship it in more durable wooden crate frames. Never wrap oil paintings with ordinary paper. Consult with an art gallery for a special paper material called Glassine. Glassine is both waterproof and grease-resistant. You will want to use masking tape to mark any glass enclosed frames with an “X” to hold it together in the event of shattering. Adding foam board to sandwich the paintings and layers of bubble wrap will help absorb any jostling or impact before you stack them in a crate.


Use Special Care with Electronics

Be careful when packing TV sets, especially plasma screens. The vibrations can ruin them if you lay them flat, so you must carry them vertically to their new homes. Preferably, you will want to use the original packaging. If that is not available, you should double box them with plenty of padding to be safe.


Following these tips will help ensure your belongings make it to your new home unscathed. For a better chance of your things surviving the move, enlist the assistance of Chicago’s best movers and packers. For free quotes on moving and packing services from top moving companies in the city, call Cheap Chicago Movers today!

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