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A residential move can leave you feeling like your life has been completely uprooted. Not only are you stuck with figuring out how to get all your possessions to a new place, but you might also be coping with the stress of living in a new city, starting a new job, or moving away from your support system. During such a chaotic time, hiring a professional to manage your move can make a huge difference. Though it might sound expensive, using the services of a moving company can save you lots of anxiety, sweat, and tears. And it’s not as pricey as you might think. Cheap Chicago Movers works with moving companies across the Chicago area, to bring you free quotes and low prices on residential moving services. Compare rates from multiple, licensed movers, then choose the one that works best for you. Get started with a free estimate today!

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The Best Moving Services in Chicago

If you’re grappling with a DIY move vs. hiring professionals to do the heavy lifting, here are just a few excellent reasons to go with the professionals at Cheap Chicago Movers:



Moving companies have just one job: to help you relocateSo, they are good at what they do. Professional movers have been offering these services for a long time and have gathered a plethora of hacks and tricks to make moving fast, easy, and efficient. You could still manage to make the move yourself, however, the chances of something going wrong are heightened since you might not have the experience or skillset to pull off the job.



Professional movers have undergone specialized training that ensures they use the most efficient and appropriate moving techniques to pack, ship, and deliver your items intact. This involves a combination of appropriate padding and wrapping, maneuvering techniques, proper loading and securing, and competent driving to ensure your belongings are safe. It’s far less risky than letting a group of your buddies do the work.



Professional movers operate with agility and speed to pack and load your items while maximizing the moving truck’s capacity to save on time and space. What could take you days or weeks to pack and load may only take a crew of movers a matter of hours to complete.



Professional moving companies are accountable for the safety of your belongings during the move and are liable for any damage that might occur to them during the moving process. Assuming this liability ensures that they do their best to deliver your possessions safely and in good condition.


Our network movers in Chicago offer the following services to ensure your possessions are delivered to their new destination safely:


In-Home Surveys

If you’re moving long distance, most moving companies prefer to meet you inperson to look at your belongings so that they can calculate the efforts required to pack and move. Then, they provide an estimate based on the estimated weight of goods and transportation costs. This in-house survey is free and provides you with a more accurate picture of your total moving budget.



There are several reasons to why you might need to store your possessions somewhere temporarily while making the move. A moving and storage company provides warehouse storage facilities to ensure your belongings are secure and unharmed until you need them.


Packing and Loading

After signing a contract, the movers will come to your place at the scheduled date to start packing your stuff, using their own materials. This process involves packing, sealing, labeling, and loading everything onto the truck(s).


Transportation and Delivery

This is the next step of the process. The moving company ensures that your things are safely and timely transported from your former house to the new house or into storage.


Unpacking and Rearranging

Many full-service moving companies offer an unpacking option to make settling into your new home easier. Some assist with unpacking boxes while others will help you arrange heavy items such as pianos, washing machines, fridges, etc.


Additional Services

In addition to relocating your household belongings, some professional movers may also be able to help you with transporting your car, appliances, piano, pool table, fine art, hot tub, and more. Be sure to ask what your mover provides.

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Checklist for Planning Your Residential Move

Though a mover will cut out a lot of the work you need to do, you’ll still need to prepare. Here is a checklist to help you stay on track:


A Month Before the Move

  • Discard everything that you do not need  
  • Look for an appropriate way to discard household chemicals such as old paint 
  • Create a list of everything you are taking to the new house
  • For insurance purposes, check the replacement values of all your belongings
  • Change your address and notify your family and friends
  • Fill out the IRS change of address
  • In some cases, it might be necessary to get copies of your medical records
  • If you have pets, get their veterinary records
  • If you are moving to a new state, find out about getting a new license, registering your vehicle, and updating your auto insurance
  • If you’re moving within the state, learn about how to change the address on your license
  • Visit the kids’ schools and ask to have their records transferred to the new schools
  • Schedule cable disconnection date
  • Make airline and hotel reservations if necessary

Two Weeks to Your Move

  • Return any borrowed items such as library books  
  • Collect any items that you might have given or loaned out  
  • Arrange for utilities such as gas and electricity to be disconnected  
  • Arrange for your utilities to be connected at the new house
  • Arrange for the movement of major appliances (if the moving company isn’t doing so)

One Week to The Move

  • Discard all flammables  
  • Determine what you are carrying with you in the plane or car  
  • Pack a suitcase for stuff that you will need on your first day in the new home

The Day Before Moving

  • Empty, defrost and clean the fridge. Let it air dry for at least 24 hours  
  • Clean other appliances as well such as the stove  
  • Go to sleep early

Moving Day

  • Be at home when the movers arrive so you can sign the inventory  
  • Be with the crew’s foreman as they do the inventory  
  • Ensure that the driver has the correct addresses and phone numbers  
  • Make a final walk-through of each room and ensure that nothing has been left behind  
  • Say your goodbyes

After the Move

  • Ensure that the utilities are up and running  
  • Unpack the essentials such as clothes and toiletries  
  • Locate the fuse box, main water supply shut off, and oil/propane shutoff  
  • Arrange for a home security system installation
  • Update your address
  • Get a new license  
  • Transfer medical records  
  • Update voter registration

Though a checklist is handy for planning a move, the best way to ensure your move goes smoothly is to hire a moving company! For the cheapest rates on residential moving companies in Chicago, call Cheap Chicago Movers. We’re ready to provide you with free moving quotes! 

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