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At Cheap Chicago Movers, we make interstate moving look easy. Any move is difficult, but a long distance move comes with its own set of challenges. Preparing to pack up and move hundreds or thousands of miles out of state is no easy feat, which is why it’s best to enlist the help of a professional moving and storage company. By using a mover, you can be assured that your belongings are properly packed, safely transported, and delivered to your new home by trained professionals. You could rent a truck and DIY your move, but why not save yourself the time and energy?! Hiring a professional moving company could be a lot cheaper than you think.

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Benefits of Moving Long Distance with Us

There are dozens carriers that offer interstate and out-of-state moving services. Use Cheap Chicago Movers to help you narrow down the options:


Compare Interstate Mover Quotes

As with our local moving services, we allow you to easily compare rates from Chicago’s best moving long distance companies. So, whether you’re moving to Chicago from another state, or you’re headed to a new city far across the country, we’ve got you covered. Simply send us some of the basic info on your upcoming move, and we’ll get back to you with quotes, so you can compare rates and save on your relocation.


Licensed & Insured Movers

When entrusting a company to move all your possessions, make sure it’s a company you can count on. Did you know that all interstate movers are required to be licensed through the US DOT? We verify that all our moving partners are up-to-date on their licensing and that they carry the required cargo liability and BIPD insurance. Would you trust an unlicensed doctor to perform a surgery? We hope not! You shouldn’t trust an unlicensed moving company to move your belongings either!


Experienced Professionals

When it comes to moving your household or business a long distance, don’t trust just anyone to get the job done. There are lots of posers in the moving industry, out to scam you and take your money. We’ve already vetted these companies to make sure they’re legitimate professionals. A reputable, professional mover has the experience, know-how, and incentive to do the job right. From taking apart furniture to loading everything snuggly into the truck, they’ll take the steps needed to get your stuff safely from one place to the next.

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Tips for Your State-to-State Relocation

When it comes to moving, you can trust our years of expertise. Here are some tips to ensure you have the best out of state moving experience possible!


  • Compare Quotes: Save money on your move by shopping around for a moving company. Compare rates from multiple movers with Cheap Movers Chicago. 
  • Request an In-Home Estimate: All interstate movers are required to provide customers with a free in-home moving estimate. We always recommend scheduling an in-home estimate with your mover, so you can get a more accurate quote before signing your moving contract. 
  • Make Sure Your Mover is Licensed: You can easily check to see if a moving company is properly licensed through the FMCSA (US DOT) website. Just ask your mover to provide their DOT number when you request your quote. 
  • Think Twice About Insurance: By law, interstate moving contracts must give you the option of selecting full value protection insurance. This means that if something gets destroyed or damaged during the move, that it will be fully replaced or restored. If you decide to waive this protection, your items will be covered at just $.60/pound, which often does not cover the value of the property. For this reason, you may want to spring for the more expensive full-value coverage. 
  • Start Packing Early: It’s never too early to get a jump start on the packing process! You can start sorting through things and boxing up your less frequently used items as early as a month out from your move.

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